Thursday, July 23, 2009

At the Beach

Yesterday I spent a few hours at the beach. I am sitting in my chair wishing I could go home and I see this

I spring to my feet and grab my cell phone and start taking pictures as fast as I can. By the time I get there they are ready to walk off and I start yelling,"Ma'am, Ma"am, yoohoo (yes it's true I waved my hand and said it, twice), yoohoo!" They finally looked and I asked her if she had made the quilt, and Virginia (my made up name for her) said that her friend had some leftover fabric and made this quilt for her. She said it was her favorite quilt because It was sturdy and she liked to look at it! "Are you a quilter?" she asked ... Yes, yes I am. Then they posed for this picture :o)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sense and Sensibility and SeaMonsters

The fact that this exists just flat out makes me smile and then LAUGH! It's one of those things that I will think about just as I begin to fall asleep and laugh so hard the bed will shake. Rolling Thunder will just shakes his head and say,"SeaMonsters?" I know this because we went through the same routine with a Santa/Snowman poem ... another post :o)

Jam and Bread

I like fig jam, a lot. This weekend I am going to make fig jam and bread. Yep. All by myself. My dogs will hang out with me, but they won't help. They refuse. Rolling Thunder (my husband) will be busy doing secret guy stuff with his brother-in-law. My daughter will be busy doing whatever is it teenagers do ... with my niece. So yeah, just me " jammin" (har,har, har).

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My First Quilt

Camille and Carrie have created a "First Quilt" show on their blogs. I have seen many other quilters first quilts and I must say,"wow!" Seems like most quilters bit off more than they could chew and really made a nice job of it. This is my first quilted table runner. My husband told me that this was my first quilt. He remembers me having fun making it and particularly enjoying choosing the fabrics.

This is the first quilt I made from a pattern without anyone to help.

(Carrie you were looking for the "uglies" and here it is ...) I was very proud to make this quilt for my husband ... to make matters worse, the fabric designer was at my house for a retirement party and ... I proudly showed it to her! (oh the horror, of that memory.) She was very gracious and kind (bless her...)

A recent quilt is a difficult decision for me ... I have made many quilts and given them to others, but lately I have been making bed quilts, much too large for me to quilt myself. So I picked one from the last year or so to share.

I have learned to trust myself and do what will make me smile. The rotary cutter is a good friend, and a husband that gives you a room in the house for all your quilting needs is a best friend!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 4th UFO

Just finished this denim quilt (although because there is nothing inside, technically ... it's not a quilt) that I started at school last year with a group of boys. Yeah. Anyway it's one thing I can check off my U (un) F (finished) O (object) list. I like the way it looks on my wagon.

CSI, I mean DSI

The Crime Scene ...

The bodies ...

The usual suspects ...

The interrogation ...

Evey - wagged her tail and licked the baby bunnies. Happy, happy girl!

Olive - refused to make eye contact. Would not look a baby bunnies

Sister - went back to sleep, annoyed that I would even ask.

Who do you think did it?