Friday, May 22, 2009

Orange Scrappiness

Bonnie K. Hunter did this mystery quilt last spring. I wanted to make a scrap quilt and I love the color orange, it was a no brainer! I had to join the fun! My husband had major surgery during that time so I would cut fabric while we talked or watched movies and while he would sleep I would head to my sewing room to stitch!
Bless Marita Wallace for quilting so beautifully! She did an all over leaves and feathers pattern.


  1. LORRI I CAN'T BELIVE YOU ARE A BLOGGER!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! you have been holding out on me!!!!!! too many things to comment on- first, dang, your quilts are amaaaaaaazing. you have mega talent. and do i really see that you have a twitter account? awesome. i love that you celebrate may day. doorbell ditch me next year- it would make my day. thank you for your nice comments on my post (how i found you- littlemisssneaky)- i miss you a ton and your tight hugs. its summer- lets get coffee! ;)kelley

  2. Wow that is beautiful. Now I want to do it.