Thursday, July 23, 2009

At the Beach

Yesterday I spent a few hours at the beach. I am sitting in my chair wishing I could go home and I see this

I spring to my feet and grab my cell phone and start taking pictures as fast as I can. By the time I get there they are ready to walk off and I start yelling,"Ma'am, Ma"am, yoohoo (yes it's true I waved my hand and said it, twice), yoohoo!" They finally looked and I asked her if she had made the quilt, and Virginia (my made up name for her) said that her friend had some leftover fabric and made this quilt for her. She said it was her favorite quilt because It was sturdy and she liked to look at it! "Are you a quilter?" she asked ... Yes, yes I am. Then they posed for this picture :o)

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