Sunday, October 18, 2009


Lately, I am missing cooler weather. Heat makes me cranky. In my life, I can't afford to be cranky. I don't like trying not to be cranky. If only the weather would cooperate *sigh.* This little pumpkin is working it's charms over me. Even though it's hot this picture makes me happy, and that's good.

Lately, I have been participating in quilting swaps, it's been a lot of fun. It's also scary making something for someone you know nothing about, except a few hints as to likes and dislikes that they disclose. This is the quilt I received in the DQS7 during late summer. It has 3 dogs in it. That made me smile.

Lately, I have been creating a placemat. I can't show the whole placemat, because I haven't mailed it to it's new owner in Canada, and it suppose to be a surprise. I took a bunch of leftovers from a quilt I made and turned them into the placemat. Crazy Fun!


  1. How fun to do a swap! Someone is going to love getting that placemat.

  2. hello miss lori. i haven't checked your blog in a while because you were on blog vacation...saw your comment on mine and i popped in and you are back- yay. i miss you. lets get together- for real this time. really. i will forgo naps and bring the girl if i have to. we need to make this happen! ;)

  3. ps- your quilting is amazing. you inspire me.

  4. pss- another reason we HAVE to get together- i HAVE to find out why tom's nick-name is rolling thunder...