Sunday, November 8, 2009

Practicing ....

Sometimes I can't let go of Autumn. Seems like it takes FOREVER to get here. When it finally arrives (and the weather cooperates) I just want to wallow in it for days and months. I like the change in color, the smell of fireplace smoke wafting through the air, baking things with pumpkins that don't come out of a can. I like wearing sweaters and long sleeves. It just makes me feel whole and good and happy.

But then something comes crashing through my peace ... it's name is, Christmas. During Autumn one should focus on all things Autumn. But now, there are something like 45 wake ups until Christmas (I know this because Santa is on Twitter). There are presents to be made that have nothing to do with pumpkins. I joined a Christmas Stocking swap ... it has to be mailed by the end of November! What was I thinking? I've never made a stocking before. I found a good tutorial that Amy at ParkCityGirl blog and decided I should practice. This is the result:
I think I did a pretty good job of making Autumn and Christmas meld together for some Autmas goodness. Do you think if I left it out an Autumn elf or faerie would take pity on me?

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  1. i also like autumn- and it doesn't get half as much play as the christmas season. your stocking is amazing.